Course Architect(s): Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morrish (Monument)
Year Opened: 1990
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Slope: 147. Rating: 73.3
Par: 72
Yardage: 7,028
Hole-by-Hole: 1 - Par 4 444 Yds    10 - Par 4 392 Yds
                      2 - Par 3 172 Yds    11 - Par 5 539 Yds
                      3 - Par 5 564 Yds    12 - Par 4 414 Yds
                      4 - Par 4 420 Yds    13 - Par 3 176 Yds
                      5 - Par 4 464 Yds    14 - Par 5 604 Yds
                      6 - Par 4 306 Yds    15 - Par 4 368 Yds
                      7 - Par 3 205 Yds    16 - Par 3 140 Yds
                      8 - Par 4 408 Yds    17 - Par 4 438 Yds
                      9 - Par 5 530 Yds    18 - Par 4 444 Yds
                      Par 36  3,513 Yds     Par 36  3,515 Yds

Key Events Held: Merrill Lynch Championship (1990),
                 LPGA Mitsubishi Championship (1991-93),
                 Arizona Mid-Amateur Championship (1992).

Architect: Tom Weiskopf (Pinnacle)
Year Opened: 1995
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Slope: 147. Rating: 73.4
Par: 72
Yardage: 7,044
Hole-by-Hole: 1 - Par 4 396 Yds    10 - Par 4 405 Yds
                      2 - Par 5 512 Yds    11 - Par 4 468 Yds
                      3 - Par 4 426 Yds    12 - Par 4 416 Yds
                      4 - Par 3 222 Yds    13 - Par 5 541 Yds
                      5 - Par 5 584 Yds    14 - Par 3 206 Yds
                      6 - Par 4 299 Yds    15 - Par 4 456 Yds
                      7 - Par 3 239 Yds    16 - Par 3 187 Yds
                      8 - Par 5 508 Yds    17 - Par 4 402 Yds
                      9 - Par 4 370 Yds    18 - Par 4 407 Yds
                      Par 36  3,556 Yds     Par 36  3,488 Yds

Awards Won: #2 Best New Course by Golf Digest (1996).

HISTORY: These two courses were designed in the high desert, north of
Scottsdale. Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morrish crafted the Monument Course, which
opened in 1990 while the Pinnacle Course, designed by Weiskopf, saw its first
action in 1995. The Troon North facility has received rave reviews, such as,
#1 in the state by the Arizona Republic and Golfweek Magazine, #70 in the
United States by Golf Magazine, #8 in the United States in places you can play
by Golf Magazine and #10 in the United States in places you can play by Golf
Digest. The courses are part of an 1,800 acre master planned community, which
blends an incredibly challenging golf experience with the amazing landscape of
the Sonoran Desert. Not only do the courses twist and turn through the desert,
but they also play in the shadows of Pinnacle Peak.

REVIEW: A few of the most exciting holes on the Monument Course are the third,
11th, 14th, 16th and 18th. The par-5 third is a lengthy, 564-yard dogleg
right, featuring a gigantic rock in the center of the fairway. The "Monument",
as the hole is called, is 260 yards from the tee at the corner of the dogleg.
A well struck fade will allow the player an opportunity to go for the green in
two. Another par-5, the 11th is also a hole that shapes to the right, called
"The Saddle". The elevated tee provides the player with a great view of the
landing area, as well as providing the golfer with thoughts of cutting off as
much as possible in efforts to attack the green. The second shot, if laying
up, must be placed carefully, as the fairway narrows close to the creek bed.
The narrow, 43-yard green is very deceptive, as the third shot is uphill and
the bottom of the flagstick is hidden. The final par-5 on the course is the
14th at a whopping 604 yards. Bending to the right, a large landing area
awaits the player's tee shot, but miss right and a huge bunker and rock
formation will block your view. A must layup should favor the right side due
to a large bunker at the end of the sloping fairway. Although just a wedge is
required for your third shot, the green is extremely narrow with a mound in
the center of the putting surface. The par-3 16th provides the only water on
the Monument Course which comes into play. At only 140 yards, this one-shotter
seems to be an easy mark, however, don't be fooled. A deep pot bunker guards
the center of the green while sand is both left and right of the green. A
right pin placement can cause extreme indecision in club selection, especially
with the water fronting the green. The 18th hole on the Monument Course is a
great finisher, requiring both length and accuracy. The tee shot, generally
played into the wind and the sun, must be placed towards the left-center of
the fairway, avoiding two large bunkers as the hole bends left to the
clubhouse. The approach shot must then carry a ravine to a large, undulating
green, that's guarded on both sides by sand.

Weiskopf, who broke from his partnership with Morrish, crafted the Pinnacle
Course by himself, and what a masterpiece he created. Some of the most
outstanding holes are the fourth, sixth, 11th, 13th and 15th. At 222 yards
from the tips, the fourth hole is a great downhill par-3 with water on the
right before the green and a large bunker guarding the right section of the
putting surface. Making par is as good as it gets, birdie and you just won the
lottery. The sixth hole is a great, risk-reward hole at just 299 yards. The
hole is carved next to a peak and bends to the left, featuring a hidden green.
An accurate drive can land on the green, but miss either left or right and
double-bogey is sure to follow. "Sunset Peak" as it is called, the 11th is one
of the best holes at the resort. An extremely elevated tee box leaves visual
experience that most courses can't compete with. The view of the desert and
surrounding mountains, must be blanked from your mind, as you tackle this 468-
yard monster. Even with a large drive in the fairway, the player is left with
a mid-to-long iron to a green that is 44 yards deep and slopes from back to
front. The dual fairway of the par five 13th makes this hole a challenging
one. The tee shot must carry 240 yards to a landing area that bends to the
left. From there, the golfer has not one, not two, but three options. The
first is to layup short of the ravine, leaving a 155 to 180 yard third shot.
Option number two is to play out to the right fairway, leaving a 100 to 150
yard approach. Finally, the aggressive golfer will try to go for the green in
two. However the uphill second shot must carry the desert to a green that is
46 yards long and very narrow. What started out as a birdie chance, might turn
into bogey...or worse. The 15th hole on the Pinnacle Course is an extremely
difficult one from the tips. Stretching 456 yards, the tee shot is uphill to a
large landing area, but features a gaping bunker and rock cropping on the
right. After successfully placing your first ball in the fairway, you are now
faced with a long iron or fairway metal to a narrow, left to right green. Not
only is the putting surface very difficult, but a huge sand complex guards
virtually the entire green.

Troon North Golf Club is a true desert golf experience that rewards quality
shots and penalizes poor play. Both courses meander through natural ravines
and foothills with forced carries on most holes and featuring desert
vegetation on both sides of the fairway. Not only are the courses challenging,
but the visual beauty, steep arroyos and forests of saguaros (cactus) make
this stop, a time you will soon never forget. To top it off, the clubhouse,
pro shop and amazing customer service make your trip a complete package. If
you can stand the heat in the summer, the price is right and don't be afraid,
36 holes a day can be done.